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How SDWR Acquires Dogs

The dogs we train and place with clients are full-bred Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers (black, yellow & chocolate) which are bred by our organization. In addition to our private breeding, we work with several licensed breeders in Virginia, as well as further afield, to obtain puppies that are best suited to service dog careers. These acquisitions are at the discretion of our organization.
Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers has built a solid reputation as a world-class breeder of high quality Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Their exceptional breeding program results in dogs with proven scent ability. Service Dogs by Warren Retriever dogs are used world-wide in scent-based programs, including drug and bomb detection and most recently in the Diabetic Alert Dog program.

About Our Service Dogs

All Service Dogs by Warren Retriever dogs are constantly evaluated for the right temperament and placed in volunteer home environments to be raised for 9-18 months. This assessment and extended training time ensures that the right dog is matched with the right family. It is vital that the puppy selected for service dog work not only have the “right nose” but the right temperament. From 7 weeks of age to placement at 1-2 years of age with the recipient family, SDWR dogs receive obedience training and develop the necessary foundation to work as service dogs. Upon placement, SDWR service dogs then receive custom training based on family and individual needs. This process provides each SDWR dog with a nurturing environment that helps lay the groundwork for an exceptional service dog.
At this time, we do not train “non-SDWR” dogs (such as pets) to become service dogs, nor do we conduct private training classes at SDWR.

Health clearances for all dogs that go through our organization include:

  • Centro Nuclear Myopathy (CNM)
  • PennHIP
  • Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) all rated excellent to good
  • Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) certified
  • Optigen Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Exercise Intolerance Collapse (EIC) clearances

For more information visit our Contact Us Page or call us at 540-543-2307.

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers’ offers a one-of-a-kind training program to ensure that maximum alert competencies in the dog are achieved.

Because SDWR service dogs are placed for ten years of service, SDWR tests for pups that are able to achieve maximum alert and response ability, that have appropriate stock and build, that have a reliable, even temperament and ample service characteristics, as well as excellent memory performance. Once placed into the homes of families in need, trainers return to visit placement families every 90 days (for two to three days at a time) over a two-year continued training period. This provides the service dog and family with consistent support for improved alerting, signaling, fetching, companionship and communication.  Without ongoing dog and family training, the family can forget or confuse signals or not realize that the dog will forget signals, too. It’s for those reasons we visit our families and maintain services as often as we do.

SDWR provides service dogs globally – North America and abroad.


Lifetime Health & Performance Guarantee

SDWR believes in providing fair opportunities to those who trust in our mission and invest in our service dogs. In the case that your service dog does not fulfill his or her capabilities, we offer a performance guarantee.

We do ask that if your Diabetic Alert Dog is not living up to his or her performance standards, you check that the following requirements are being met to ensure your service dog’s maximum performance:

  • Thoroughly follow our program guidelines
  • Submit weekly alert logs/progression reports during your training period
  • Continuously communicate on a weekly basis during the training period with our training staff
  • Allow training visitations to occur as scheduled by the organization
  • Do not allow your pledge agreement to become delinquent
  • Do not miss more than one consecutive training visit
  • Allow SDWR full access to all veterinarian records
  • No contrary actions of the SDWR organization or staff members
  • Comply completely with our terms
  • Clients must fully complete the SDWR training program

If the dog does not perform, and we can not make it perform, we will provide a replacement after evaluations through our organization. No risk. It’s simple.

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