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When Diabetes Becomes Too Much to Handle

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The daily cares of diabetes can be tiring for any diabetes care taker. From constant monitoring for highs and lows, counting carbohydrates, and worrying about your loved one, diabetes can become too much to handle. At SDWR, we identify with those caring for their loved one with invisible illness. We have seen our service dogs act as miracles in the lives of those with and caring for Diabetes. Read to learn how service dogs for diabetes play a role when diabetes become too much to handle.

Dogs for People with Diabetes Add a Layer of Protection

Safety is most likely your first concern as a diabetes care taker. Highs and lows in blood sugar are detrimental to your loved one’s health. Even though you can constantly monitor for highs and lows, there is still a chance a high or low might slip through. Type 1 diabetes alert dogs are here for this very reason. They are trained to sense high and low blood sugars much longer before they occur, and alert for these changes in blood sugar. They are also capable of retrieving third party support and food and medication. With SDWR service dog training, our Diabetic Alert Dogs add the protection that those caring for diabetes seek.

Service Dogs for Diabetes Change Lives

There is more to the benefits that service dogs for people with diabetes provide. Yes, they offer protection, and with this protection comes a peace of mind. Knowing that there is another caring individual by your loved one’s side makes diabetes care that much easier. Not only do service dogs play a crucial role in the safety of your Diabetic loved one, they play a crucial role in giving you help within diabetes care.

Finding Independence for You and Your Loved One

You don’t want to live with diabetes care forever, and you want your Diabetic loved one to lead a normal life free from constant care and monitoring. When looking for options to find that independence, type 1 diabetes alert dogs are the best option. From their caring nature to their rigorous training, they are the perfect companion to keep your loved one safe and allow them to lead a fuller, more independent life.

Find a Service Dog for Diabetes Today

At SDWR, our mission is to provide service dogs for those with invisible illness, while offsetting the actual cost of a service dog. If you or a loved one are interested in a type 1 diabetes alert dog, please contact SDWR today.


Finding the Best Options for Your Child Through a Diabetic Alert Dog

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As a diabetes care taker, you want to ensure your Diabetic loved one can take advantage of all opportunities possible. But as with any invisible illness, diabetes can be limiting. There may be moments where you find you your child or loved one is being held back. To counter the limitations of diabetes, you want to find the best options to ensure your loved one lives a full life. Read to learn why service dogs for Diabetic children are the best option for those looking to find more opportunities for their loved one.

Why Service Dogs for Diabetes Are the Best Option

Service dogs for diabetes add a layer of protection to for your child. They are trained to alert before your child hits high or low blood sugars, protecting them from physical harm. They are also able to provide protection through dialing 911 and retrieving third party support. With more protection, your loved one is able to participate in more activities, attend social events and do all they can that they would not otherwise be possible without a service dog.

Independence is another issue that juvenile Diabetics face. Families want to see their child thrive, but there are too many instances where the fear of danger intervenes. Finding more independence for your loved one and yourself is an option. Service dogs for Diabetic children provide you a peace of mind knowing that if your child is away or independent from your household, he or she will be there to alert when you are not present. This allows for more chances to branch away from regular diabetes care and shift towards a more independent lifestyle for you and your child.

Service dogs for diabetes are more than just protectors against the harms that diabetes presents. They provide a level of companionship that is hard to find when living with an invisible illness. With a service dog by your side, you know you have a protector and a friend wherever you go.

Find a Diabetic Alert Dog Today

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers trains service dogs to guard their handlers from the dangers of invisible illness. If you are looking for a service dog for diabetes, please contact SDWR today.

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