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Value of a Diabetic Alert Dog

The Value of a Diabetic Alert Dog

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If dogs are considered “man’s best friend,” then what would you say a Diabetic Alert Dog is? “Man’s BFF?” These service dogs for Diabetics provide the companionship, devotion, and unconditional love of an untrained dog and add on the abilities to be a caregiver for those with diabetes. With this additional role comes freedom, security, therapy, stress relief, and peace of mind. This added value far surpasses the cost of a diabetic alert dog.

Diabetic Alert Dogs Bring Joy Back Into Normal Life

For Diabetics, each day brings another challenge and struggle. Enjoying life to it’s fullest is not taken for granted for those with this invisible illness. Monitoring blood sugar levels is a constant reminder of how restraining life can be. But with Diabetic Alert Dogs, freedom can be achieved for both Diabetics as well as their caregivers. Service dogs are trained to provide care in social settings which allows for a normal lifestyle once again.

Service Dogs for Diabetics are Always There for You

Most individuals with diabetes are able to keep a close eye on their levels throughout the day. But what happens if levels fall out of range while asleep? Service dogs for Diabetics are trained to alert those afflicted with this invisible illness, even in the middle of the night. Alert dogs are able to give you a good night’s rest by knowing that you will be alerted to sharp highs and lows, bringing food and medication, activating third party support and even calling 911 for help in an emergency.

Value vs Cost of a Diabetic Alert Dog

Diabetic Alert Dogs offer compelling abilities and traits to those with diabetes. Which begs the question, is it worth the cost? Before that question can be answered however, there are a few things to consider. At SDWR, we award grants to winners who complete specific applications. To find when submissions are open, periodically visit our Facebook page. Another great way to make service dogs more affordable is through fundraising. This option brings you closer to your community, keeps you active and gives a sense of satisfaction through raising diabetes awareness. A simple search online can provide ideas for creative fundraisers. Lastly, coming up with a budget will help plan and prepare for the total cost. SDWR also offers payment plans to those who are interested in investing in a service dog.

It’s not easy to put a price on freedom, joy, protection, companionship, and safety. But with everything that goes into making our service dogs so great, you will see the obvious value that Diabetic Alert Dogs have on your life. If you would like to learn more about how you can have your own service dog, contact SDWR today.

Service Dogs are a Diabetic’s Best Friend

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Daily life can be emotionally and physically complicated for those with diabetes. And not everyone has a support system of family and friends that they can count on to help care for them. But at SDWR, we’ve witnessed numerous instances where assistance dogs provide exceptional support in helping their handler with persistent and dedicated care. Service dogs are always there when you need them and this loyalty and compassion creates a strong bonding friendship.

Diabetic Alert Dogs Watch Your Back

It’s difficult to relax and enjoy life for individuals and families affected by diabetes. Constant monitoring blood sugar levels can be taxing, and the constant stress feels like it will never end. But with a Diabetic Alert Dog, you can rest assured knowing that you will be diligently monitored and alerted of your blood sugar levels. Your daily life doesn’t have to be affected by stress. With an intelligent and highly trained service dog, you can finally shed your stress.

Service Dogs for Diabetics Work Hard and Play Hard

Service dogs for Diabetics provide endless support, day in and day out. They will even alert you of dangerous blood sugar levels in the middle of the night. We have given these hard working dogs thorough training on how to be the best Diabetic alert dog. The are capable giving you peace through early alerts for sharp highs and lows, access third party support, retrieve pertinent food and diabetes medication and even can Dial 911 in an emergency.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, service dogs for diabetics bring an overwhelming amount of joy and laughter with their companionship. They like to let loose and play as this Diabetic can attest to.

“But at home she is just my friend. When the vest comes off, she’s crazy. She loves to run around and play. She has a good, normal dog life. She sleeps on my pillow at night. We definitely have developed a very close relationship.”

Receiving Diabetes Care From a True Friend

Understanding the daily struggles and significance of an invisible illness like diabetes can be difficult for some. Others may not be able to relate or understand how to give diabetes care. But a Diabetic alert dog will always be there for you. A compassionate and loving service dog at the end of the day is priceless for any Diabetic and their family. Through their love, affection and the safety they provide, you will always find solace in your service dog. Your Diabetic alert dog will always be your best friend.

Are you or a loved one seeking a service dog? Contact SDWR, one of the best service dog providers.

Keeping Your Diabetes Assistance Dog Healthy & Happy

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Having a diabetes assistance dog is a blessing. They’re able to protect your loved ones, provide you peace and relieve the stresses of diabetes care. On top of all that, they’re your best friend and companion. Though dogs for people with diabetes will always give more than they can, it’s important to remember they also need love and care. Just as they provide you with so much, you must also provide them with a healthy, happy life. To care for your service dog read the following tips on ensuring they are happy, healthy, and as fulfilled as you are.

  1. Get moving. Exercise is important for you, your loved ones and your service dog. There’s no reason to leave anyone out in fun activities. When you make the effort to walk or run with your dog, you put them (and yourself!) in good spirits, while giving them the movement they need to keep their good health.
  2. Invest in quality dog food. We can’t say this enough. A dog’s diet makes all the difference in how they feel mentally and physically. The type of dog food you supply also extends the longevity of your dog.
  3. Schedule consistent grooming for your diabetes assistance dog. It may not seem like grooming can have such an effect on a dog, but it can! Just as you feel clean and refreshed after a shower or haircut, so does your dog. To keep grooming consistent for your dog, schedule it in your calendar as a reminder.
  4. Play games with your dog, even if it’s for a short while. Again, playing games with your dog can also provide the physical exercise they need, while stimulating their minds and keeping them sharp. Your Diabetic Alert Dog can recognize when you stay involved with him or her. Play time is a great way to provide stimulation and care for your dog.

Dogs for people with diabetes are more than just dogs. For some, they are a life-line and a crucial tool in keeping up with the nuances that diabetes care presents. With all that they give, it’s essential to keep their physical and mental health at it’s best. Follow these tips on a regular basis, and you’ll see the difference in a happier, healthier dog. To learn more about obtaining a Diabetic Alert Dog, contact SDWR today.


4 Reasons Why Labrador Retrievers Make The Great Companions

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As leading service dog providers, SDWR knows that the breed of any dog has a profound impact on their ability to fulfill their role as a service dog, as a protector, and a companion. That’s why we choose Labrador Retrievers as the top breed for our service dogs for diabetes. Labrador Retrievers are capable of completing our rigorous service dog training program, and in return providing so much to their owners not just as service dogs, but as companions as well. Read to learn why we believe Labrador Retrievers make the greatest companions for those with invisible illness.

1. Labrador Retrievers stay loyal.

If you or a loved one live with an invisible illness such as diabetes, it’s important to know that your service dog will always be there for you. You want to know that he or she is by your side, ready to alert in any instance. You want to be able to count on your service dog not just sometimes, but at all times. We have pride knowing that Labrador Retrievers are devoted dogs that will always be there for you, in good times and stressful times as well.

2. They are guardians by nature.

This is the most defining feature of why Labrador Retrievers are one of the best Diabetic Alert Dog breeds. Service dogs for diabetes are there to do just that: protect and guard. Guard from highs and lows, retrieve medications and food, as well as protect their handler from the emotional complications that come with diabetes. With knowing this, many SDWR clients learn why Labrador Retrievers are the best dogs for Diabetics.

3. Labrador retrievers are one of the most intelligent and intuitive dogs.

We’ve seen it firsthand, it takes a lot of effort and intelligence to fill the role of a service dog. When a person’s health is at stake, it takes an acute sense of intelligence and intuition to act immediately and protect. These are the characteristics we look when selecting our service dogs for service dog training and placements. The aptitude to sense danger in sharp highs and lows and to act upon it in every instance is a true gift, one that is apparent in Labrador Retrievers.

4. Most of all, they are the best dogs for Diabetics.

Yes, companionship is important when evaluating if a service dog is the right fit for you. There is always more to the equation. You want to know that your service dog will fill their role as diabetes protector. It is important to us as much it is to you that a service dog is capable of understanding diabetes and it’s complications. It’s important to us that we choose a Diabetic Alert Dog breed that proves to produce the best dog for Diabetics. Fortunately, we’ve been able to see that.

If you are a loved one are in need of a service dog for Diabetic children or adults, please contact us today.


Finding Inspiration Through Your Diabetes Service Dog

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You might be wondering, how does a service dog help with diabetes? There are so many answers to this question. From their physical support in protecting their Diabetic handlers from highs and lows to keeping them safe in retrieving medication juices, etc., it’s a given that service dogs for Diabetics will provide anyone with safety and protection. Besides the invaluable physical support they provide, service dogs also stand as an inspiration to their whole family. They have so much to give that it’s difficult to not let their actions and personalities inspire you.

A True Friend

As we mentioned, labrador retrievers are the friendliest and most caring dogs, perfect for kids with diabetes and families. There is never a moment your Diabetic Alert Dog will let you down. SDWR clients are more than happy to report that their service dog has become more than a service dong in their family, they almost always become a close companion through their loyalty and love for their owners. As we know, having a companion like a diabetes service dog can have a major positive effect on anyone’s life.

Your Support System

Finding compassion and understanding in the face of invisible illness can prove to be difficult. While others do not understand the physical and emotional complications of living with Diabetes, your Diabetic Alert Dog always does. At SDWR, our dogs are trained to understand invisible illness, so they are better able to support their loved ones. Finding a companion that understands your or your loved one’s disease and cares for it is truly something special. This is why clients turn to Service Dogs for Warren Retrievers to find a diabetes service dog for support.

Freeing You From the Difficulties of Diabetes

There are so many ways that diabetes can hold an individual from living to his or her full potential. Fortunately, there is also an answer to some of the challenges that Diabetics can and will face. Independence is almost a worry and a hope that comes across diabetes care takers, as wanting to give independence to their loved ones while still being protected from highs and lows can feel impossible. But as we know, service dogs for Diabetics can make it possible. The fear you face can be lessened through the protective and reliable nature of a diabetes service dog. Learn how Ashton comes one step closer to independence through his Diabetic Alert Dog Scooby,

“This dog has changed Ashton’s life (and ours too). Ashton’s blood sugar is under control for the first time ever. (He was always in the 200s before – when he bothered to check at all – and 300, 400, and even 500s were not unusual). His doctor was amazed to see his A1C in the “excellent” range, and signed off on his driver’s license. He now has a license for the first time – he is almost 20 years old.” Read more here.

Let SDWR Guide You Towards a Diabetes Dog

At SDWR, there is so much that we can offer a family living with the effects of diabetes. We are sure to match a service dog for you and your family’s lifestyle. From there, we come visit your home to train you and your service dog to detect, alert, fetch medication and more. Our Performance Guarantees also offers a peace of mind to clients knowing that SDWR stands behind both health and performance. If you want to know more about how a service dog can change your life, read our SDWR reviews and testimonials here.

If you are interested in service dog for Diabetics, contact us today.


Midnight Three & Six: What We Know About Diabetes

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At Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, we’ve been moved by the recent Sundance film ‘Midnight Three & Six,’ which highlights the many layers of care and fear that come with Diabetes. The film turns its focus to teenager Grace Chamberlain, a juvenile Diabetic. From Grace, we learn about the daily life life of a Diabetic. From her family, we learn about the complications, fears and intense care that come with being Type 1 Diabetes care taker. Through sharing the insights of a family living through invisible illness, ‘Midnight Three & Six’ raises diabetes awareness. Find the New York Times video here.

What We’ve Learned About Diabetes

As an invisible illness, Diabetes comes with layers and layers of care, fear, and ultimately, hope. As seen in the beginning and end of the film, diabetes requires constant care. Others may not see the medications and monitoring that goes along with keeping a Diabetic’s blood sugar stable. The dangers present through diabetes are also fatal. Grace explains the possible dangers that could occur if her blood sugar is not cared for:

“If my blood sugar goes below 20, then I’ll go into a seizure or a Diabetic coma, and if I’m not rushed to the hospital, then I would just die and I am very comforted that I have Jackie, because she catches things like that a lot.”

Aside from physical harm from diabetes, ‘Midnight Three & Six’ quietly demonstrates the constant fears that linger for a parent of a Diabetic or a diabetes care taker. While Grace’s mother providers great care for her through constant monitoring, there is always a sense of what could go wrong. In the case that she does not wake up to check Grace’s blood sugar levels in the middle of the night, Grace could lose her life.

Independence from diabetes care is another issue. Every parent, just like Grace’s mother, wants to see their child thrive,

“What if she wants to go to college, what if she wants to move out someday?…We decided to invest in Jackie [Grace’s Diabetic Alert Dog] for added insurance, or assurance. We wanted to put as many layers of protection as possible between what could happen with Grace and what will happen with Grace.”

As service dog providers, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers has seen the same issue appear in the Diabetic community. Caretakers often wonder when or how their loved one will find the independence to grow into adults, free from the ties of another’s constant care. The emotional toll that Diabetes presents is shown throughout the film. We find that there are small worries and large, all of which take a toll on Grace’s family.

Why Keep a Diabetes Alert Dog at Your Side?

Though the film is short in length, it speak volumes about the importance of having a Diabetic Alert Dog for anyone affected by this invisible illness. There are multiple instances where the film showcases the positive effects of having Jackie, the family’s Diabetic Alert Dog, at their side. In a moment of reflection, Grace tells the filmmaker,

“When I got Jackie a lot of things changed for me..I don’t remember feeling this happy before.”

There is more than emotional support that a Diabetic Alert Dog provides the family. Through Jackie, Grace’s worried mother can find a sliver of a peace of mind knowing Jackie is by Grace’s her side.

She mentions that getting Jackie adds a ‘layer of protection’ from what could happen and what will happen with Grace. For the whole family, a Diabetic Alert Dog is the one thing that provides a sense of security, and provides an option for safety.

At Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, it’s our mission to keep spreading diabetes awareness through the Sundance film ‘Midnight Three & Six.’ If you have any questions about the film, or are interested in finding a service dog for diabetes, please contact us today.

The Diabetic Alert Dog The Diabetic Alert Dog Forum: An Online Community

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In our Diabetic community, there are individuals wanting to share their voices through invisible illness. Wanting to connect Diabetics and their families regardless of location, we have created an online forum. Through creating a Diabetic Alert Dog forum, our goal was to create a safe space and community to discuss experiences, inputs and ask questions about anything diabetes related. As we know, creating a strong community in the face of invisible illness creates a sense of belonging and understanding. If you’re a Diabetic or diabetes care taker, read to learn why you should sign up for our online forum today.

Connecting You to People All Around the World

In your day-to-day life, not everyone you meet understands the complications, struggles and lifestyle that diabetes presents. A lack of understanding in your own community can leave you or your loved one feeling isolated and lacking a connection with those that understand your invisible disease. You may not even consider that there are millions of families and individuals just like you going through the same daily routine and procedures with diabetes. In our Diabetic Alert Dog forums, our aim is to allow individuals from all around the world to discuss every aspect of diabetes and diabetes dogs. We know that having an outlet to discuss your experiences with diabetes is healthy. Through our forum, you can connect with others around the world who will understand the life of a Diabetic or a diabetes care taker.

Discuss Anything and Everything Diabetes

The forum is open to any and every type of discussion. You have the option to create any discussion topic and ask any question. Your input is also valued – Diabetics and diabetes care takers come to our forum to provide their input on discussions, answer your questions and share their stories. From recipes for Diabetics to fundraising for a service dog, there is nothing you can’t discuss. Again, forum is a safe space for our diabetes community.

Find Insider Experiences

Are you considering investing in a Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers Diabetic Alert Dog? We can bet you have dozens of in-depth questions about diabetes dogs. Through our forum, you can ask and find real answers to questions you might have, and learn about others’ experiences with a diabetes dog.

Tell Your Story

Everyone has a different story about how diabetes entered their or their loved one’s life. Through our forum, you have the chance to share your journey through diabetes, as well as learn about other’s backgrounds. Reading other’s stories help to connect you to others, and realize there are others out there who also have their own unique story to tell.

Join the Community

It’s easy to get started with SDWR’s online forum. Simply sign up here. If you are an existing client, you can join our private forum specifically for those who own a Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers Diabetic Alert Dog. Want to know more? Contact SDWR today.


Is Diabetes Getting in the Way of Living Life?

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For those affected by diabetes, you know there are daily struggles that you can’t get around. At Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, we identify with thousands of Diabetics and families living with this invisible illness. We know it can be hard. We know there are days that are more difficult than most. We know diabetes is capable of impeding on the daily joys of life. We also want to let you know that it’s possible to still lead a normal and healthy life despite the burden of diabetes. Read to learn how you can live a flourishing life through invisible illness.

Find a Support System

Living with diabetes shouldn’t be an individual effort. Having a strong support system makes life easier, and lessens the mental stresses of this invisible illness. You can always find support through your family members, your friends or you local community. Sometimes, that may not be enough. In that case, online communities and forums act as an outlet to let you share your stories, tips and thoughts about living with diabetes or diabetes care. Online communities are great in connecting Diabetics and their families to similar people all around the world. With a strong support system, living with diabetes is easier. Knowing there are individuals that support your mission to lead a healthy life is priceless. Having an online community lets you know there are others out there, just like you. Finding your support system, whether online or through your community, is crucial in keeping diabetes from getting the best of you.

Take Action Through a Diabetic Alert Dog

The cycle of diabetes doesn’t end. Good news, neither do your options for finding support for a healthy life. In addition to family, friends and an online community, investing in a Diabetic Alert Dog is one of the best actions you can take in keeping healthy and happy. Whether you are a Diabetic or diabetes care taker, a service dog is a miracle. Service dogs for people with diabetes provide endless support: they understand diabetes as an invisible illness. Through their service dog training, our diabetes dogs are capable of:

*Giving you peace through early alerts for sharp highs and lows
*Accessing third party support
*Retrieving pertinent food and diabetes medication
*Dialing 911

As if these benefits weren’t enough, service dogs for people with diabetes bring an insurmountable level of joy, happiness and hope for all affected by diabetes. As service dog providers, SDWR has seen Diabetic Alert Dogs change the lives of thousands affected by this disease. Pushing through the struggles of diabetes is do-able. Take action on a simpler life through a Diabetic Alert Dog.

Putting it All Together

It might be hard to believe that you are capable of carrying on a life with fewer struggles in diabetes. As aleading service dog providers and a non-profit, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers wants you to know there is hope, and it’s not far. Reach out today to your community, whether local or online and start building a life around those who support you. If you haven’t already started, begin to consider investing in a Diabetic Alert Dog to carry you through stressful times, and to alert for the highs and lows that put your or your loved one’s life in jeopardy. With these steps, SDWR guarantees you can regain your life, despite diabetes.

If you or a loved one are considering a service dog for people with diabetes, please contact SDWR today.


Investing in a Service Dog: 5 Reasons to Start Today

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Service dogs can be a miracle for families. There is so much they provide that it’s hard to consider not introducing one to your household. There are many families out there that dream of owning a service dog for their loved ones, and many wait to take the necessary steps to make it happen. As service dog providers, we know that there are more reasons not to wait on getting a service dog than there are in extensively waiting to make your decision. If you’re considering investing in a service dog, read to learn why you should get started today!

1. It takes time to get the process started.

Receiving a service dog doesn’t happen right then and there. There’s a lot that goes into the process, from beginning to end. In the course of obtaining a service dog, you will go through an initial screening. In most cases, families spend time fundraising for service dogs, in addition of the cost of a Diabetic Alert Dog offset by our non-profit.

Yes, having a service dog in your home does take a while. SDWR believes in quality training and  placement as well as making sure you end up with a service dog that fits perfectly in your household. For this reason, it’s a good idea to think ahead and get started early in the process.

2. Financing through fundraising.

There are always ways to afford the cost of a Diabetic Alert Dog. Though fundraising for service dogs is very effective, it still takes time and effort. Planning for community events, functions and executing any fundraising strategy will take time. Though it takes a while, you should not overlook the time it takes to match the cost that we offset. It’s not necessary to have all of your finances ready up front, but it still does help ease the transition in obtaining a service dog for you or your loved one.

3. Training won’t be short.

Providing a fully functional, top-notch service dog is our primary goal. We want to ensure your dog fulfills his or her job in keeping their handler safe, protected and loved. To achieve our goal, we’ve developed a proprietary training program to ensure our dogs are competent in their duties. This starts with a highly selective process in choosing our service dogs. Only pups with the highest scent and physical capabilities are selected to be trained as service dogs. From then on, they are placed with a family according to their temperament and personality traits.

The real training begins in your home, where one of our professional dog trainers visits every every 90 days for training sessions. Training continues over a two-year period. Yes, it does take a long time to complete our rigorous standards for training. Service dog raining applies not only to our dogs, but to families as well. There are signals and other communication aspects that a family must get familiar wit to fully communicate with and understand their dog.

4. The dangers of invisible illness won’t go away.

If you or a loved one are affected by an invisible illness, you know that it’s hard to find safety in every moment. There will be times when you wonder what dangers will approach you or your loved ones next. A sharp high or low presents its own kind of dangers. Letting the instability of your invisible illness be presented to you on a daily basis increases your risk of harm, and this harm is never-ending. Through a service dog, you can put an end to your worries and overcome the dangers of living with diabetes. Our Diabetic Alert Dogs are the perfect tool in making safety a priority.

5. You’re waiting on living a fuller life.

In the face of invisible illness, it’s hard to find that balance between living a happy life and and taking care of daily struggles. Through your service dog, this balance is more than possible. You can alleviate any of the worries and isolation that come from living with diabetes. Our Diabetic Alert Dogs make great companions and provide unconditional love and relief despite any health complications. Through a service dog you and your loved one can find peace, independence and safety. With all that our Diabetic Alert Dogs have to offer, there’s no reason to wait on enjoying an enhanced quality of life.

If you or a loved one are in need of a service dog, contact us today.


Truly Caring for Your Diabetic Alert Dog

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Though your service dog provides you with safety and security, he or she is still a dog with needs, just like any other dog. A service dog is required to be cared for on a continuous basis. Because we know that Diabetic Alert Dogs are capable of taking care of you, we want to ensure you, too, understand how to truly take care of your service dog.

Keep your service dog groomed and presentable.

Grooming your service dog leaves him or her feeling clean and happy. The public also responds well to a dog looking clean and presentable, as opposed to a dog looking neglected. Make the effort to give your dog regular baths and provide grooming. You will love seeing your service dog looking and feeling clean.

Be attentive to his or her needs.

There might be times where your service dog needs more rest, more food, or more play. Because diabetes service dogs are extremely proficient in their communication skills, you will be able to notice when he or she is feeling out of balance. Play close attention when your service dog might be asking for something.

Schedule play and fun on a regular basis.

Physical activity is a must to keep your diabetes service dog happy and healthy. Your service dog looks forward to walking, playing games, and spending time outdoors on a regular basis. Without frequent play and fun, it’s easy for dogs to feel down and gain weight. This might be the most important factor in truly caring for your service dog.

Feed your dog quality, nutritious food.

Quality food is the best investment you can make for your Diabetic Alert Dog. A diet supplied with the best dog food keeps your dog at a healthy weight, keeps them happy, and increases longevity. In addition, keeping your service dog hydrated keeps them feeling energetic and healthy. Be sure to change your dog’s water frequently for freshness. Skipping meals and feeding times is also something to watch out for. In the midst of your busy day, it’s easy to let feeding your dog slip. Schedule a routine where you can easily remember to feed your dog and change his or her water.

Just like humans, dogs need a healthy amount of social interaction.

Just as much as you love being around your family and friends, so does your service dog. Labrador Retrievers are extremely friendly and intelligent, making them the best dogs for diabetic children. If for whatever reason you or your family have been spending less time with your service dog, make up that time through fun, play, and rest.

Taking care of your diabetes service dog, or any dog for that matter, requires effort and your love. At SDWR, we know that taking care of your service dog pays dividends in the long run, for you and your family. If you have any questions, comments, or inquiries about investing in a Diabetic Alert Dog, contact SDWR today.


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