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Service Dogs are a Diabetic’s Best Friend

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Daily life can be emotionally and physically complicated for those with diabetes. And not everyone has a support system of family and friends that they can count on to help care for them. But at SDWR, we’ve witnessed numerous instances where assistance dogs provide exceptional support in helping their handler with persistent and dedicated care. Service dogs are always there when you need them and this loyalty and compassion creates a strong bonding friendship.

Diabetic Alert Dogs Watch Your Back

It’s difficult to relax and enjoy life for individuals and families affected by diabetes. Constant monitoring blood sugar levels can be taxing, and the constant stress feels like it will never end. But with a Diabetic Alert Dog, you can rest assured knowing that you will be diligently monitored and alerted of your blood sugar levels. Your daily life doesn’t have to be affected by stress. With an intelligent and highly trained service dog, you can finally shed your stress.

Service Dogs for Diabetics Work Hard and Play Hard

Service dogs for Diabetics provide endless support, day in and day out. They will even alert you of dangerous blood sugar levels in the middle of the night. We have given these hard working dogs thorough training on how to be the best Diabetic alert dog. The are capable giving you peace through early alerts for sharp highs and lows, access third party support, retrieve pertinent food and diabetes medication and even can Dial 911 in an emergency.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, service dogs for diabetics bring an overwhelming amount of joy and laughter with their companionship. They like to let loose and play as this Diabetic can attest to.

“But at home she is just my friend. When the vest comes off, she’s crazy. She loves to run around and play. She has a good, normal dog life. She sleeps on my pillow at night. We definitely have developed a very close relationship.”

Receiving Diabetes Care From a True Friend

Understanding the daily struggles and significance of an invisible illness like diabetes can be difficult for some. Others may not be able to relate or understand how to give diabetes care. But a Diabetic alert dog will always be there for you. A compassionate and loving service dog at the end of the day is priceless for any Diabetic and their family. Through their love, affection and the safety they provide, you will always find solace in your service dog. Your Diabetic alert dog will always be your best friend.

Are you or a loved one seeking a service dog? Contact SDWR, one of the best service dog providers.

When Diabetes Becomes Too Much to Handle

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The daily cares of diabetes can be tiring for any diabetes care taker. From constant monitoring for highs and lows, counting carbohydrates, and worrying about your loved one, diabetes can become too much to handle. At SDWR, we identify with those caring for their loved one with invisible illness. We have seen our service dogs act as miracles in the lives of those with and caring for Diabetes. Read to learn how service dogs for diabetes play a role when diabetes become too much to handle.

Dogs for People with Diabetes Add a Layer of Protection

Safety is most likely your first concern as a diabetes care taker. Highs and lows in blood sugar are detrimental to your loved one’s health. Even though you can constantly monitor for highs and lows, there is still a chance a high or low might slip through. Type 1 diabetes alert dogs are here for this very reason. They are trained to sense high and low blood sugars much longer before they occur, and alert for these changes in blood sugar. They are also capable of retrieving third party support and food and medication. With SDWR service dog training, our Diabetic Alert Dogs add the protection that those caring for diabetes seek.

Service Dogs for Diabetes Change Lives

There is more to the benefits that service dogs for people with diabetes provide. Yes, they offer protection, and with this protection comes a peace of mind. Knowing that there is another caring individual by your loved one’s side makes diabetes care that much easier. Not only do service dogs play a crucial role in the safety of your Diabetic loved one, they play a crucial role in giving you help within diabetes care.

Finding Independence for You and Your Loved One

You don’t want to live with diabetes care forever, and you want your Diabetic loved one to lead a normal life free from constant care and monitoring. When looking for options to find that independence, type 1 diabetes alert dogs are the best option. From their caring nature to their rigorous training, they are the perfect companion to keep your loved one safe and allow them to lead a fuller, more independent life.

Find a Service Dog for Diabetes Today

At SDWR, our mission is to provide service dogs for those with invisible illness, while offsetting the actual cost of a service dog. If you or a loved one are interested in a type 1 diabetes alert dog, please contact SDWR today.


SDWR Tips: Finding Balance in Diabetes Care

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Diabetes as an invisible illness is difficult to manage, both mentally and physically. As a diabetes caretaker, waking up throughout the night to check on your loved one leaves you feeling tired. Mentally, the stress, fear and constant care can leave you in low spirits. To counter the effects that diabetes care presents,  it is important to take time for yourself and learn to keep a balance between diabetes and enjoying life. Read the following tips on how you can find the right balance between living life while caring for diabetes.

Have Fun with Your Diabetic Loved One

There’s no reason you and your Diabetic loved one can’t have fun together. There are so many healthy options to engage in. Spending time not only alleviates the stress of diabetes care, it gives you and your loved one a chance to bond and enjoy life. Exercising together, walking and traveling are all great ways to have fun. Don’t let diabetes care consume your life, make time for activities for you and your Diabetic loved one.

Have Your Support System

It’s not the easiest accomplishment to handle diabetes care alone. It’s true that most of the general public does not understand the real nuances and complications of diabetes care. However, there’s an abundance of support available through diabetes non-profits, online communities and most likely a local community that supports diabetes. Keep in mind that there are thousands of diabetes care takers experiencing what you experience on a daily basis. Connect with them, share your story, and build your support system for diabetes care. The SDWR Diabetic Alert Dog forum is a great place to start meeting others that either live with or care for diabetes.

Be Sure to Take Care of Yourself Too

It’s easy to only focus on your loved one to ensure they stay safe and protected from what diabetes can do. Yes, diabetes regulation is your top priority. But remember, if you fail to care for yourself, being the best possible caretaker will prove to be more challenging. To prevent burn out, take the time to engage in what you enjoy, or recharge your batteries through travel, hobbies and more. As mentioned, this is very do-able when you involve your Diabetic loved one!

Service Dogs for Diabetics Provide Relief

As service dog providers, we’ve seen Diabetic Alert Dogs have a powerful impact on the lives of Diabetics and diabetes care takers. They are trained to alert before highs and lows occur, so you can have have a better peace of mind knowing your loved one is being watched and you are being alerted. Though service dogs for Diabetics are not an answer to diabetes, they are a tool to ease the care and fear that comes alongside caring for it.

If you are looking into investing in a service dog for Diabetics, contact SDWR today.


Comforting Advice for Living with Type 1 Diabetes

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Living with Type 1 Diabetes is undoubtedly a challenge that individuals and their loved ones face. From constant care, fear and prevention to sharp highs and lows, life can seem difficult and heavy. At Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, we want you to know that fear and constant care are not the only option. As service dog providers, it’s our job to let you know there’s help, support and community out there for other families and individuals just like you. Read to find comforting advice for living with Type 1 Diabetes.

You Are Never Alone

Yes, Type 1 Diabetes might be an invisible illness, but it’s that doesn’t mean it can’t affect the lives of individuals on a large scale. There are thousands of families across North America living with the effects of diabetes. Though diabetes might cause you, your family or your loved ones to feel isolated, remember there are others just like you. At SDWR, we’ve created a community where those with invisible illness have a space to connect with one another through fighting against diabetes. Other non-profits such as JDRF and the American Diabetes Association create a community for support, awareness and an ongoing fight against diabetes. With unwavering support in our community and others that identify with the same struggles, you are never alone.

There Are Miracles

As service dog providers, we know through experience that lives can be changed through a diabetes service dog. Often times, individuals come to us with the hope that there might be an answer to the worry, stress, panic and fear that comes along with living with diabetes on a daily basis. Our dogs for diabetic children and adults have proven to be miracles in this sense. Our service dogs have brought families peace, safety and security in their lives. The independence that both the diabetes care taker and the Diabetic find is priceless. Through years of service as the leading service dog providers, we are sure you can believe that SDWR’s Diabetic Alert Dogs are nothing less than miracles. Read this family’s story of how their diabetes service dog Skittles helped in alerting:

“Earlier today Em & her Meme checked and she was 127.

“They drove about 10 min home and Skittles met them at the door nudging Meme’s leg repeatedly, over & over.

He continued to follow them around nudging her leg until it dawned on my mother to ask Skittles if Em needed to check, when, then he pawed her.

So, bg of 55! Great low Bubba!!”

Finding Help with Diabetes Care is a Possibility

In the real world, there are not too many people who understand the complications, health risks, issues and other factors that go into caring for diabetes. Without support, diabetes care takers often find themselves feeling exhausted, burned out and miss out on living a full life free from fear and constant care.

Our service dogs are not just service dogs. They are raised to understand diabetes as a disease inside and out. From the time they are born, SDWR’s Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to recognize blood sugar fluctuations and changes in their owners. Unlike the general public, diabetes service dogs understand invisible illness, and make it their job to provide safety and care. If you find that diabetes care leaves you feeling worn, tired and in fear, it might be time to consider looking into a service dog.

SDWR provides dogs for diabetes children and adults. If you or a loved one are in need of a diabetic dog, contact SDWR today.


Add to Your Support System with a Service Dog

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Finding the support your need in the face of diabetes can be difficult. Yes, your family and friends may understand the complications, demands and other responsibilities that come with diabetes care. But even with your closest companions, the burden of diabetes and still clouds you from living a fulfilling and free life. As service dog providers, we’ve seen service dogs become miracles in the lives of those suffering from an invisible illness, and their families.

Therapy dogs understand diabetes.

Because our dogs are trained to sense, alert, and care for those with diabetes, they are well-versed in the layers that come with this invisible illness. Diabetes assistance dogs are capable of understanding highs and lows, a drop in energy levels, diabetes medication, and much more. They also understand that their owner, affected by diabetes, needs more care than the average person. This understanding fosters a true relationship between a service dog and his or her owner. Because of their highly intuitive and social personalities, our Labrador Retrievers are capable of caring for and understanding diabetes as a disease, with compassion and discipline.

With a Diabetic Alert Dog, you too can add to your support system of those who understand what you, your family, and your loved ones go through on a day to day basis, in the midst of caring for diabetes.

Offsetting the emotional conflicts that come with diabetes.

Isolation is a common theme in invisible illness. If you are affected by diabetes in any way, you know it takes a toll on the victim’s social life and emotional health. The presence of a therapy dog makes up for that. Not only is the Diabetic Alert Dog’s owner cared and protected from hitting highs and lows, he or she is protected from letting the emotional effects of  an invisible disease get to him or her. A service dog will always be there to comfort, console, and lift their handler into high spirits. In most cases, a service dog is the most rewarding friend a person with an invisible illness will ever have. If you’re not convinced of the amazing love they provide, read to learn how this mom’s service dog Draco made a difference in her life:

“Well sorry this ran long but I just had so much on my heart this morning and I needed to share how amazing Draco is doing! Thanks Dan for all you and your wonderful staff do for us.” Read more here.

Finding a reliable support system for diabetes care proves to be a challenge. With a therapy dog for diabetes, you will be able to easily find and keep that support for years to come. In the case that you or a loved one are in need or a service dog, please contact SDWR, the leading service dog provider in North America.


6 Tips for Finding Balance as a Diabetes Caregiver

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As a leading provider for alert dogs for Diabetics, SDWR has connected with thousand of families to listen to the struggles and hopes for their Diabetic loved ones. A common problem we’ve seen lies in the worry and exhaustion from being ‘on’ all around the clock.

We know you want your Diabetic child to live a safe and healthy life, and you’ll do anything to care for him or her. Though you find a sense of peace from always monitoring and caring for your child, life can feel pressured, exhaustive, and anxious. We want you to know you that a balanced life is possible, despite the demands of a Diabetic loved one. Read on to find our advice on finding balance with Diabetes care:

1. Don’t let Diabetes define your life. Even if you have everything under control, you can still feel anxious or worried. Learn to focus on your present life, not just issues with Diabetes.

2. Take care of yourself. It’s easy to get burned out while constantly caring for another. But what happens when you neglect yourself? A healthy you can only mean a healthy family.

3. Invest in a service dog for Diabetes. Diabetes service dogs are the closest you can get to having a trusted individual providing Diabetes care for your child. There are countless measures that alert dogs for Diabetics take to ensure safety and good health for any Diabetic.

4. With that said, learn to find trust in your Diabetes Alert Dog. It might be hard at first to give some of the responsibilities over to your service dog. But when you learn to trust in his or her abilities, you’ll be more relieved than ever in knowing you have a reliable source of support. Read about how Elvis, a Diabetic Alert Dog, contributes to his family’s life each and every day:

“The issue we have is, after he has done his job here on earth, I am afraid that no other creature could ever do the job he has done for his girl (although I am sure we are being dramatic and biased). He has saved her on so many levels…We simply cannot imagine jumping the hurdles we currently are without him.” Read more here.

5. Learn to let go. It’s difficult to let your child go without you to monitor his or her care. But in order to prosper, every child must find their independence. You can trust that with his or her alert dog for Diabetics, your child will always be in good hands.

6. Don’t forget to have fun! In the midst of Diabetes care, it’s hard to remember to have fun with your Diabetic! A little fun is great for you, your family, and your Diabetes Alert Dog.

Balance is an option in the life of a Diabetic caretaker. If you’re looking for a Diabetes Alert Dog, contact SDWR today. Our service dogs will change your life.


Ashton and Scooby

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Another amazing story from a wonderful diabetes caretaker, Heather Chesnut. Thank you for sharing Heather !

 This dog has changed Ashton’s life (and ours too). Ashton’s blood sugar is under control for the first time ever. (He was always in the 200s before – when he bothered to check at all – and 300, 400, and even 500s were not unusual). His doctor was amazed to see his A1C in the “excellent” range, and signed off on his driver’s license. He now has a license for the first time – he is almost 20 years old. Despite spending several hours a day training Scooby, his grades are better. He is socially “thawing out”, and he is much easier to live with to boot. I had hoped that, little by little, Scooby would help Ashton improve these aspects of his life. But, it wasn’t little by little, it was immediate. I could write a book about all this. All this, despite the fact that dog training has not come easy for us, and we have had to learn a lot. (We’ve never had a dog before, and I think we’re not very naturally gifted with animals). I’m sure you have heard this many, many times. I just wanted you to know what a miracle it is in yet another family’s lives. Thanks, Heather

Scooby is a Diabetic Alert Dog from Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. If you or someone you know could benefit from having a Diabetic Alert Dog please contact us today.

5 Signs You Should Invest In a Diabetic Alert Dog for Your Child

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Over the past few years, family and friends of diabetics have come to SDWR with their concerns, worries and future hopes for their loved ones with diabetes. As compassionate service dog providers, we’ve listened closely to understand these concerns and needs for diabetes care providers.

The following scenarios are common amongst caregivers of diabetic children. If you can easily identify with even one of the issues on the following list, please consider investing in one of  SDWR’s Diabetic Alert Dogs.

1. You long for your child to find his or her sense of independence.

As we know, every parent wants to see their children thrive in their environment. Unfortunately, diabetes can impede on a child’s potential to learn and grow. With a Diabetic Alert Dog, you child can carry on usual daily activities with out having to constantly monitor blood sugar levels.

2. Your sleepless nights are getting the best of you.

You lie awake waiting for the moment your child’s blood sugar will hit a low. You lie awake in case you need to run to your child’s room to give him or her an insulin shot. You lie awake wondering if these episodes will run your and your child’s life.

Fortunately, service dogs for diabetes provide caregivers with a sense of relief. SDWR service dogs are fully trained to detect changes in blood sugar any time of the day or night.

3. Fear has become a normal feeling.

“Will he be ok at basketball practice? What if she forgets to take her insulin?” When you find yourself worrying about how diabetes can affect your child in every scenario, it’s time to lessen the burden with a Diabetic Alert Dog.

4. You need some ‘me time’ but can’t find a reliable resource to monitor your child’s diabetes.

No matter how much you love your child, it’s a common feeling for any caretaker to feel burnt out from constantly attending to another’s needs. Though you crave a moment of rest and relaxation, your diabetic child always needs your care.

You can trust our service dogs for diabetes to be 100% responsive to changes in blood sugar, so you can find yourself a mental break from diabetes care.

5. You worry about the future prosperity of your child.

“Will he or she be able to lead a normal life, with out assistance for diabetes care? Can he or she constantly manage blood sugar highs and lows? What will happen when I’m not there?” These questions cross every caretaker’s mind. Read about how Abby’s mom helped her find  independence through Draco, her amazing service dog:

“…I couldn’t let Abby not live her life! I wasn’t going to let this disease take anything else from her. That’s when I called Dan, so glad did!” Read more about Abby’s story here.

As we mentioned, you are not alone from the stress, anxiety and burnout from being a full-time caretaker and parent of a child with diabetes. Households throughout the country find themselves in the same position. SDWR has been there to increase the quality of life for thousands of families, parents, and children all affected by diabetes.

If you feel any of these concerns are running your life, look into getting a service dog for diabetes from SDWR. It’s a decision you and your child won’t regret.

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