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About Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, Inc. is a fully incorporated 501 (c) (3) organization.

Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers is committed to changing the lives of those with Autism, Diabetes, PTSD and Seizure Disorders. We believe that until there is a cure, there’s a dog.

It is important for the public to know that people whose lives might be improved or even saved by having a service dog, may have a disability that is not visible. Individuals who struggle with invisible disabilities often will benefit from having a canine companion in their lives to enhance the quality of life, provide hope, independence and peace of mind.

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, Inc. helps families find local resources to help offset the costs associated with the purchase and training of a service dog. In addition, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, Inc. will host fundraising and community programs to help spread awareness and grow our programs, thereby reaching more families and providing increased access to our services.

Our Program

SDWR’s unique service dog program is unmatched. Our training and service dog placement guidelines are highly structured, only to guarantee success between a service dog and his or her family. To further ensure success for between both parties, the Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers’ program promotes a high level of involvement between your family, the service dog, the trainer, and the organization. Unlike other service dog programs, SDWR takes the next step in providing a solid base between a service dog and the recipient.
Our program also gives those with an invisible illness a chance at their own service dog. As a non-profit, we offset the costs of investing in an assistant dog. We also offer payment plans and support fundraising opportunities to make your own service dog a reality. As always, SDWR cares to support those who believe in our mission.

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Michelle Berryman

November 6, 2017 at 5:09 pm

Would like to receive information regarding a diabetic alert dog.
A friend in need, who is wheelchair bound, asked for my help.


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