The 4 Unexpected Benefits of a Diabetic Alert Dog

The 4 Unexpected Benefits of a Diabetic Alert Dog

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  Diabetic Alert Dog

You know that service dogs always will always provide a benefit to diabetes. But did you know that they can provide much more than that? The benefits are not always tangible or visible. Here, we list a few unexpected benefits you can gain from a diabetes dog.

1. A Sense of Freedom

It’s a given you’ll find security and safety through your service dog. But with that security also comes freedom. Freedom from the worry of your health, social settings, and living a normal life. With your Diabetic Alert Dog, you won’t be tied down from of the complications of Diabetes. You’ll find the freedom you’ve always wanted with your service dog always by your side.

2. More than a Helper, Also a Friend

You invest in a service dog for support in diabetes care as well as for your safety. Yes, alert dogs for diabetes are great in filling that role. But what you might not expect is that you might get more than just a diabetes dog, you’ll be getting a friend, a companion, and a new family member. Soon, you won’t be able to imagine life without your service dog. Learn about how service dog Delta became a cherished part of her new family:

“I remember the day when I realized Deltas alerts were no longer a big deal, but apart of the norm for us.  didn’t think much of it at the time, it’s part of our lives, but looking back I realize how much our lives have changed and how amazingly blessed those changes have been.” Read more here.

3. Part Guide Dog, Part Therapist

Labrador retrievers are one of the best Diabetic alert dog breeds. With their unwavering sense of intelligence, compassion and loyalty, they are sure to be your best form of therapy. We’ve seen so many families find love and joy through their diabetes dogs. A service dog is more than a service dog. They’re your caretaker, friend, and therapist all in one.

4. An Enhanced Quality of Life

You know all the support a diabetes dog can provide. Once your service dog arrives in your home, you’ll be surprised at how much your life will change! Peace, safety, and independence are just some of the qualities that your service dog can bring you. As we know, you can never put a price on a better quality of life.

We are experts in alert dogs for diabetes, and train one of the best Diabetic alert dog breeds. If you are looking into investing in a service dog, contact us today.


Finding Solace in Your Service Dog

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  Diabetic Alert Dog Service Dog

Anyone with an invisible illness knows that daily life can be complicated, emotionally and physically. An invisible illness is not one that can be cured. Those affected must learn how to live fully and thrive despite their complications.  As service dog providers, we’ve seen countless scenarios where assistance dogs provide extraordinary support in helping their handler thrive and find comfort from the stresses of their health. We want you to know that a great therapy dog can be an answer to your worries, fears and struggles with your invisible illness. I’ve you’re a Diabetic, read on to learn how you can find solace in your service dog.

Always Watching Out for You

Individuals and families who are affected by diabetes can have a hard time relaxing and enjoying life. Monitoring blood sugar levels can get exhausting, and it can feel as if there’s no way out of the constant stress.  At the end of the day, you know you can count on your assistant dog to diligently monitor blood sugar levels and alert you or a diabetes care taker. The stress doesn’t have to affect your daily life. With a highly trained and intelligent service dog, you know you are in good hands.

Fostering Independence

Every Diabetic wants to find independence from the complications and demands of diabetes care. With an assistance dog, handlers and their families know that in the case of an emergency, their service dog will always be there. Learn how this Diabetic and her mother found independence through their service dog:

“Abby is back at school with her new guardian angel, Draco. I called her this morning (yes I still do that) and she tells me that Draco woke her up with a bg of 70 and dropping fast. Ringing her bell, and alerting. He possibly could have saved my baby girls life this morning!” Read more here.

A Priceless Friend

Not everyone can understand the daily struggles and implications of an invisible illness. With that said, having a therapy dog will always alleviate the isolation that comes from diabetes. At the end of the day, an understanding and caring service dog is priceless for any Diabetic and their family. With the safety, love, and affection they provide, we know you will always find solace in your assistance dog.

Are you or a loved one seeking a service dog? Contact SDWR, one of the best service dog providers.

Heartwarming Diabetes Alert Dog Stories

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You might be wondering, how does a service dog help with diabetes? A diabetes detection dog functions to detect highs and lows in blood sugar, and notify their owners, family members and others of fluctuation in blood sugar. Here are a few heartwarming stories from individuals who owe the stability in their lives to their Diabetic alert dog:

Tzaylie & OJ

Tzaylie has been hard at work, yet again.(Yes, she’s had her share of naps, but she has EARNED them!)

Today my sugars kept her on her toes!

This morning she slept thru a low – unusual for her, but not unexpected given her age – I woke up at 5 till 6 with a 39.

Large OJ, breakfast, sky high then for HOURS – poor girl was going NUTS!

Alerting, crying, wanting me to be in range again & not understanding why it wasn’t happening when clearly Mom was doing what she needed to in order to fix it – but that is life with T1D (type 1 diabetes).

Then mid-afternoon I had come down enough to have lunch (high sugars kill my appetite).

Then 10 minutes before I was due to leave work… she sits next to me & calmly puts her paw on my knee. A big-girl alert! YES!!

And my sugar was still in range, but with insulin still active in my system from my late lunch, I would not have stayed in range for long if I didn’t turn my pump off for a bit & have a couple glucose tabs. Which I did, so I was able to safely drive home, on time!

That would have made me happy enough, to have done this exact thing two days in a row – but tonight she’s been non-stop to a sugar level that just wants to fall… lots of OJ later, and she’s finally sleeping peacefully – guess that’s my sign that I too can safely go to bed! I just love my pup – she gets better and better week by week!

She has kept me safe, at home, at the office & on the road! She is, even though she is only 7 months old, living up to every expectation and is proving her worth in gold!

Here’s another great story about a diabetes detection dog, Nevaeh.

The Disinger Family & Nevaeh


We were very very very pleased to have had Jen and Noah come to our home. She delivered Nevaeh and Sierra had no idea she was coming early. Hed training skills/techniques are amazing. Soon as she took Nevaeh out of the car Sierra held her and she alerted immediately. She was high and has ran high for a few days.

Today we went to a local grocery store and Nevaeh started acting “different” when sierra would walk she kept wanting to sit she just didnt act right she still kept her manners, so Jen snd Sierra stepped outside to see if she needed to potty that was a negative. My oldest son said I think its her sugar so they came back in and checked she was 50 very shaky Sierra didnt feel that low but Nevaeh knew.

She is an amazing dog, we are very pleased with her she has been doing night alerts since day one. We love Jen too we just cannot say enough about her. Our family just clicked with her, we had some great talks.

Public access training went great too!!! Nevaeh did awesome in public. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts Dan. We had several people ask for info about SDWR while we were out. You may get a ohone call or two or three lol. Thanks again Dan and all at SDWR

We are in love,

Disinger Family

Adding Change to Your Life

The benefits of a diabetes detection dog are intangible for Diabetics and their families. You will forever be grateful for the love, security, and safety that your Diabetic alert dog will provide. If you’re still wondering, how does a service dog help with diabetes? then contact SDWR today.

6 Tips for Finding Balance as a Diabetes Caregiver

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  Diabetic Alert Dog Service Dog

As a leading provider for alert dogs for Diabetics, SDWR has connected with thousand of families to listen to the struggles and hopes for their Diabetic loved ones. A common problem we’ve seen lies in the worry and exhaustion from being ‘on’ all around the clock.

We know you want your Diabetic child to live a safe and healthy life, and you’ll do anything to care for him or her. Though you find a sense of peace from always monitoring and caring for your child, life can feel pressured, exhaustive, and anxious. We want you to know you that a balanced life is possible, despite the demands of a Diabetic loved one. Read on to find our advice on finding balance with Diabetes care:

1. Don’t let Diabetes define your life. Even if you have everything under control, you can still feel anxious or worried. Learn to focus on your present life, not just issues with Diabetes.

2. Take care of yourself. It’s easy to get burned out while constantly caring for another. But what happens when you neglect yourself? A healthy you can only mean a healthy family.

3. Invest in a service dog for Diabetes. Diabetes service dogs are the closest you can get to having a trusted individual providing Diabetes care for your child. There are countless measures that alert dogs for Diabetics take to ensure safety and good health for any Diabetic.

4. With that said, learn to find trust in your Diabetes Alert Dog. It might be hard at first to give some of the responsibilities over to your service dog. But when you learn to trust in his or her abilities, you’ll be more relieved than ever in knowing you have a reliable source of support. Read about how Elvis, a Diabetic Alert Dog, contributes to his family’s life each and every day:

“The issue we have is, after he has done his job here on earth, I am afraid that no other creature could ever do the job he has done for his girl (although I am sure we are being dramatic and biased). He has saved her on so many levels…We simply cannot imagine jumping the hurdles we currently are without him.” Read more here.

5. Learn to let go. It’s difficult to let your child go without you to monitor his or her care. But in order to prosper, every child must find their independence. You can trust that with his or her alert dog for Diabetics, your child will always be in good hands.

6. Don’t forget to have fun! In the midst of Diabetes care, it’s hard to remember to have fun with your Diabetic! A little fun is great for you, your family, and your Diabetes Alert Dog.

Balance is an option in the life of a Diabetic caretaker. If you’re looking for a Diabetes Alert Dog, contact SDWR today. Our service dogs will change your life.


Always There

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Living with an invisible disability is hard on not only the person who lives with it, but for those that care for them as well. Today we would like to start our day off with a story from a mother whose hardest part of letting go as her daughter wasn’t the fear that she might not come home every weekend to visit, but that she might not be there for her in the event of a medical emergency.

I remember back in March of last year talking… and crying to Dan on the phone.

You see the day before talking to Dan, Abby was at a friends house spending the night. I called her that morning as always and her friend answered screaming that Abby was having a seizure.

Well 911 was called and she was taken care of but I couldn’t stop thinking about the what if’s? She was going away to school that fall and that scared me, her father and even Abby.

She was even thinking that she didn’t want to go away anymore. Well I couldn’t let Abby not live her life!

I wasn’t going to let this disease take anything else from her. That’s when I called Dan, so glad did!

Abby is back at school with her new guardian angel, Draco. I called her this morning (yes I still do that) and she tells me that Draco woke her up with a bg of 70 and dropping fast.

Ringing her bell, and alerting.

He possibly could have saved my baby girls life this morning!

Well sorry this ran long but I just had so much on my heart this morning and I needed to share how amazing Draco is doing! Thanks Dan for all you and your wonderful staff do for us.

Where is the one place you can’t be with someone you care for? Would you feel safer knowing they are being watched over? If you or someone you know could benefit from having a Diabetic Alert Dog, please contact us today.

Ashton and Scooby

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Another amazing story from a wonderful diabetes caretaker, Heather Chesnut. Thank you for sharing Heather !

 This dog has changed Ashton’s life (and ours too). Ashton’s blood sugar is under control for the first time ever. (He was always in the 200s before – when he bothered to check at all – and 300, 400, and even 500s were not unusual). His doctor was amazed to see his A1C in the “excellent” range, and signed off on his driver’s license. He now has a license for the first time – he is almost 20 years old. Despite spending several hours a day training Scooby, his grades are better. He is socially “thawing out”, and he is much easier to live with to boot. I had hoped that, little by little, Scooby would help Ashton improve these aspects of his life. But, it wasn’t little by little, it was immediate. I could write a book about all this. All this, despite the fact that dog training has not come easy for us, and we have had to learn a lot. (We’ve never had a dog before, and I think we’re not very naturally gifted with animals). I’m sure you have heard this many, many times. I just wanted you to know what a miracle it is in yet another family’s lives. Thanks, Heather

Scooby is a Diabetic Alert Dog from Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers. If you or someone you know could benefit from having a Diabetic Alert Dog please contact us today.

10 Best Practices for Keeping a Diabetic Service Dog

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  Diabetic Alert Dog

Your Diabetes Assistance Dog has so much to offer you. We know that your dog spends most of his day monitoring your wellness. So we believe it’s essential that you take care of your dog as well. When well taken care of, your service dog will perform at his or her optimal potential. Read on to find SDWR’s best practices for keeping a service dog for diabetes.

1. Before leaving the house, be sure your service dog’s vest is on. It’s important that the public knows that your dog is working as your service dog. This prevents others from petting and disturbing your dog when he or she is ‘on duty.’

2. Always listen to your Diabetes Service Dog’s signals. You may not feel any changes in your blood sugar, and therefore dismiss your service dog’s actions. Because your service dog can sense changes in your blood sugar levels before you, it’s important to always take his or her actions into serious consideration.

3. Provide your Diabetes Service Dog with the best quality food you can afford. Quality food means a quality service dog.

4. Maintain your service dog’s weight. To prevent health complications in the future, it’s always important to take action when you find your service dog is gaining weight. Not only does this keep them healthy, it keeps them feeling their best.

5. Make time for exercise. An active service dog feels energized, happy and alert. You can always incorporate your Diabetes Assistance Dog into a daily run or walk.

6. Let him or her rest in public. Just like you, a service dog for diabetes can get tired when out and about. After frequent strolling, let your dog sit and rest for a while.

7. Keep a routine for your service dog. When Diabetes Assistance Dogs have enough structure, enough sleep, and daily activities, they will function at their best.

8. Set aside a part of your budget for Diabetes Assistance Dogs’ expenses. You already know that a service dog comes with a few additional costs. To afford those expenses, which run about $1,500 per year, you will have to be sure to budget beforehand.

9. Let your service dog be a dog. He or she works above and beyond to keep you safe, secure and happy. It’s only fair they deserve a break to play, be free and ultimately, just be a dog. Play and exercise also help to maintain your dog’s mental health.

10. Lastly, know that your dog is more than a service dog, they’re a friend. Find out how much this family loves their Diabetic Alert Dog, Bentley:

“We have a perfect DAD! I mean it. He’s a perfect match for Skye. Yes he’s still a puppy and loves to drag toys into the yard, he loves to play tug of war with Nala, he’s had to learn his boundaries and sometimes he’s even stubborn. He’s beautiful! …Can you tell how much we love him?” Read more here.

As we mentioned, taking good care of your Diabetes Service Dog not only benefits them, it benefits you as well. A healthy, well-cared for dog is a happy dog. If you or someone you know could benefit from having a Diabetic Alert Dog please contact us today.

The Emotional Benefits of Owning a Juvenile Diabetes Dog

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  Diabetic Alert Dog

SDWR’s Diabetic Alert Dogs for children serve more than their purpose. Because we’ve changed so many lives with the help of our amazing service dogs, we want to share with you what else there is for you to gain. Read on the learn about the emotional benefits of owning a juvenile diabetes dog.

A Security Blanket for You & Your Loved One

Diabetic Alert Dogs for children ease not just the physical, but also the mental burden of diabetes. As service dog providers, we know about the stress, lack of sleep, fear and other hardships that affect the parents of a diabetic child.

You, your child and the rest of your family can gain a peace of mind knowing that the security of your service dog will always be there. When sleeping, in public, or away from home, you and your child will know that he or she is in good hands. Learn about how Jasper, a Diabetic Assistance Dog, provides security for his family:

“We have Diabetes tools…her meter, her pump but by far Jasper is the #1 tool in the box!!!! It’s time to hit our knees & thank God for this amazing dog, hug this dog tight & a huge shout out to Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers!” Read more here.

Juvenile Diabetes Dogs Spread Love for the Whole Family

When you bring home a service dog, you’re not just helping your diabetic child, you’re adding a gift to the whole family, and everyone benefits. Yes, a Diabetic Assistance Dog will enhance the life of your child in practical ways. What you don’t realize is that your service dog becomes another part of your family. With the love, affection and security that they provide, you can’t help but feel more love and happiness in your life.

Freedom By Way of Companionship

Independence can be a struggle for those with diabetes. As your child grows older, you might wonder how and when they might gain independence from you. The freedom that Diabetic Assistance Dogs provide not only free your child, they free you. By having a juvenile diabetes dog as a companion, your and your child will find independence from diabetes. Learn about how Allyson contributes her independence to her service dog, Lennon:

“For me going away to college was always something that I wanted to do, but was very scary for me because of my diabetes. Now that I have my D.A.D. Lennon, I am no longer so afraid to go to sleep at night wondering if I will wake up in the morning. I have only had Lennon for 3 weeks, and she has already saved my life 2 times…probably more.” Read more here.

If you are looking for a Diabetic Alert Dog for your loved one, please contact us for more information.

5 Signs You Should Invest In a Diabetic Alert Dog for Your Child

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  Diabetic Alert Dog

Over the past few years, family and friends of diabetics have come to SDWR with their concerns, worries and future hopes for their loved ones with diabetes. As compassionate service dog providers, we’ve listened closely to understand these concerns and needs for diabetes care providers.

The following scenarios are common amongst caregivers of diabetic children. If you can easily identify with even one of the issues on the following list, please consider investing in one of  SDWR’s Diabetic Alert Dogs.

1. You long for your child to find his or her sense of independence.

As we know, every parent wants to see their children thrive in their environment. Unfortunately, diabetes can impede on a child’s potential to learn and grow. With a Diabetic Alert Dog, you child can carry on usual daily activities with out having to constantly monitor blood sugar levels.

2. Your sleepless nights are getting the best of you.

You lie awake waiting for the moment your child’s blood sugar will hit a low. You lie awake in case you need to run to your child’s room to give him or her an insulin shot. You lie awake wondering if these episodes will run your and your child’s life.

Fortunately, service dogs for diabetes provide caregivers with a sense of relief. SDWR service dogs are fully trained to detect changes in blood sugar any time of the day or night.

3. Fear has become a normal feeling.

“Will he be ok at basketball practice? What if she forgets to take her insulin?” When you find yourself worrying about how diabetes can affect your child in every scenario, it’s time to lessen the burden with a Diabetic Alert Dog.

4. You need some ‘me time’ but can’t find a reliable resource to monitor your child’s diabetes.

No matter how much you love your child, it’s a common feeling for any caretaker to feel burnt out from constantly attending to another’s needs. Though you crave a moment of rest and relaxation, your diabetic child always needs your care.

You can trust our service dogs for diabetes to be 100% responsive to changes in blood sugar, so you can find yourself a mental break from diabetes care.

5. You worry about the future prosperity of your child.

“Will he or she be able to lead a normal life, with out assistance for diabetes care? Can he or she constantly manage blood sugar highs and lows? What will happen when I’m not there?” These questions cross every caretaker’s mind. Read about how Abby’s mom helped her find  independence through Draco, her amazing service dog:

“…I couldn’t let Abby not live her life! I wasn’t going to let this disease take anything else from her. That’s when I called Dan, so glad did!” Read more about Abby’s story here.

As we mentioned, you are not alone from the stress, anxiety and burnout from being a full-time caretaker and parent of a child with diabetes. Households throughout the country find themselves in the same position. SDWR has been there to increase the quality of life for thousands of families, parents, and children all affected by diabetes.

If you feel any of these concerns are running your life, look into getting a service dog for diabetes from SDWR. It’s a decision you and your child won’t regret.

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