Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers Review

Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers Review

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  Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers Review testimonials

A Letter From A Diabetic Alert Dog Family: Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers Review

Emily was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2008. I knew that service dogs were available for this “invisible disease” and I began looking for reputable service dog organizations. In 2011 we contracted with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers to begin the process of obtaining our service dog. Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, a non-profit organization based out of Madison, Virginia, has been breeding, training, and providing service dogs for over seven years—placing almost 500 dogs throughout the United States. They provide a 100% guarantee on the health and abilities of all their service dogs. Before placing a dog with us, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers worked carefully to match the perfect breed, temperament and ability to our individual needs. And, unlike many service animal organizations, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers continues to visit with families like ours months after placement in order to tailor its training to my daughter’s unique personal and environmental needs.
Very importantly, they also helped to provide vital guidance to aid us in our fundraising efforts.
In 2012, we received our Type 1 Diabetic Alert Dog, Skittles. And what an amazing and life saving care giver Skittles has become to my daughter!
There are so many instances I could talk about in how Skittles has saved my daughter, Emily. From the time we were at Myrtle Beach and she was in the water and he alerted so I pulled her out to find out she was going to be having a terrible low. He warned us ahead of time so she didn’t have to feel that terrible crash. Or the many times she is down the street at her friend’s house and he alerts so I text the friend’s Mom to have Emily test her blood glucose level and again he helps her avoid the terrible low and feelings that go along with it. The multiple car trips going down the highway when Skittles alerts with a gentle nose to my shoulder letting me know that “his girl’s” blood glucose is off and needs some attention. The list is endless of the times he has been that quiet, ever present, but persistent source that I lean on everyday to help me and Emily fight the beast called Diabetes.
For any family considering a service dog, Emily and I encourage you to visit the Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers website,, or visit the SDWR Facebook page and read the hundreds of posts from families who own these life-saving dogs. There are many success stories out there and I urge you to continue exploring the life saving—and life changing—blessing a service dog can be in your mission to improve the life of a loved one with an invisible disease such as Type 1 diabetes, autism or PTSD. Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers has a mission and it is, “Until there is a cure, there is a dog!” Skittles is not only a beloved member of our family, he is a true hero, and a service dog success story.

Diabetic Alert Dog Alerts and Retrieves Meter

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The SDWR Difference for Diabetes

As service dog providers, we’ve seen first hand how Diabetes can affect not only the individual, but his or her family as well. Constant care, a lack of sleep, and unshakable fear from highs and lows are all realities a diabetes care taker faces. Diabetic individuals themselves might have a hard time living life fully, due to the limitations of coping with diabetes.

Through SDWR’s highly-trained Diabetic Assistance Dogs, thousands of individuals and families lives have been touched. With our service dogs, those struck by invisible illness can find independence from fear and around-the clock care. Having a service dog as a companion promotes freedom, and keeps you safe from hitting sharp highs and lows. As we know, investing in a Diabetic Alert Dog is a solid investment in your mental and physical health.

For more information about our Diabetic Alert Dogs visit

Watch this service dog alert to a high and retrieve the meter!


Thanksgiving Meal Ideas For Diabetics

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Enjoying Turkey with all the perfect sides is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving. But how can you enjoy a day of delicious goodness while keeping your blood sugar in check? Here are a few meal tips and recipes that will ensure you have the best holiday!

Planning For your Food:

  • Portion Control- Rather than eating large portions all at once, use a smaller plate and enjoy the food throughout the day.
  • Plan Your Plate- The American Diabetes Association has a meal planning guide that helps diabetics plan a healthy plate.
  • Watch The Ingredients- Many dishes have sneaky little add ins that you may not consider. From a little extra butter in the potatoes to a cup of sugar in cranberry sauce, making yourself aware of the extras can help you save yourself from a scare.
  • Focus on Family- So many times, we get worried about the carb counts and turn a holiday into a stressful event. Instead, focus on having fun, eating when you are hungry and enjoying this Thanksgiving.

Carbohydrate Conscious Recipes:

  • Basic Turkey Gravy: Keep sodium, fat, and carbs low with this essential Thanksgiving staple. Find recipe here!
    • Calories – 47
    • Carbohydrates – 4g
    • Total Fat – 3g
    • Protein – 1g
  • Low Carb Sweet Potato Recipe: This wonderful recipe will remind you of when you were young, but keep your blood sugars in check.Find recipe here!
    • Calories – 95
    • Carbohydrates – 14g
    • Total Fat – 4g
    • Protein – 1g
    • Dietary Fiber – 2g
  • Green Bean Casserole: A great traditional side dish that includes a bonus of 4g fiber and a depth of flavor. Find recipe here!
    • Calories – 84
    • Carbohydrates – 9g
    • Total Fat – 4g
    • Protein – 3g
    • Dietary Fiber – 4g


Diabetes: More Than Insulin

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Diabetes: More than Just Insulin

A quick look at Type 2 diabetes in contrast with Type 1 because there’s so much more to this invisible disability than people know.

Although diabetes is extremely common in the US, diagnosed in over 29 million Americans, knowledge of medication is somewhat limited.  Most education focuses solely on prevention, keeping the population in the dark about what their treatment options are in terms of medication.  Many people assume that there are two extremes of type 2 diabetes, those who are insulin dependent and those who are not. However, there are many diabetes medications available that your doctor might prescribe – it doesn’t start and end with injecting insulin.  Being aware of the drug treatments available helps adjusting to your diabetic medication routine easier, particularly since your medication needs may change over time.

If you have just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, you’re likely to be put on metformin. Metformin helps your body use insulin more effectively by making the tissues of your body more sensitive to insulin.  However, metformin is not a miracle drug on its own and does have some side effects such as Combined with weight loss and exercise, this medication lowers your blood glucose to more ideal levels.  The next line of defense are sulfonylureas and meglitinides.  Under the brand names DiaBeta, Glynase, Gluctotrol, Amaryl, Prandin, and Starlix both of these types of medications help the body secrete more insulin.  Although these medications do have some side effects, such as weight gain and low blood sugar there is less risk with meglitinides because this class of drugs stays in the body for less time. There are also new medications called SGLT2 inhibitors that act defensively by preventing your kidneys from reabsorbing whatever sugar is in your blood, which may help prevent insulin responses and diabetes complications.  

Contrary to type 1 diabetes where insulin therapy is the first line of treatment since they can’t produce their own insulin, it is the last step of treatment depending on how your type 2 diabetes is progressing. Insulin is always injected, comes in many types, and its dosage varies by both time of day and amount. Some people may inject insulin in the morning, some at night, and others only need one long lasting shot each day and all administration is demonstrated by your doctor.  Keep in mind, these are only a few of the types of diabetes medications you may encounter and thoroughly educating yourself on your options as well as your current medications makes coping with your type 2 diabetes easier.

Type One Children And Eating

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Frequently parents of Type one children find themselves obsessing about every piece of food consumed by their children. While this is a natural response to the invisible disability, nurturing healthy habits in diabetic children and teaching them to trust their internal regulators is an essential part to controlling their disease. Rather than micro managing each type of meal, which can be extremely stressful to both parent and child, there are a few ways to raise responsible eaters who learn to manage their type one on their own (or with the help of their Diabetic Alert Dog).

  1. Developing A Taste For The Good Stuff- This means nurturing a like for healthy foods that help balance their glycemic index. The most important part of taking care of Type one and Type two is learning to love fresh, clean ingredients. As parents, you have the power to choose the meal options laid out before your child. Making meals that are full of healthy food part of their daily routine is easier than you might think. A recent study has shown that when given the choice between veggies and fruits or processed foods most children have a natural ability to choose what’s best for them without overindulging in sweets. Yes your type one child will still want frozen yogurt with his friends, but that’s because he’s a child. Rather than stressing what food they cannot have, focus on preparing dishes that nourish their bodies and help them develop a desire for the good before the processed.
  2. Provide A Schedule For Blood Sugar Maintenance– In addition to developing a preference for healthy food, following an eating schedule is extremely beneficial for blood sugar maintenance and weight management. From professional athletes to nutritionists, everyone seems to agree that having a schedule not only trains your body to know when to expect food but also helps people from over eating or mindless eating. For type one children, following an eating schedule can mean fewer highs and lows which translates to less injections, emergency room visits, and more.
  3. Removing The Stress From Eating- As parents of Diabetic children, many of you have experienced the emergency low/high requiring a snack immediately. While this may seem like a minor issue from the outside, the adrenaline provoking situation can be traumatizing for everyone involved. Emergency snacks tend to add a lot of pressure onto your type one child creating a negative association around eating times. Ensure that your non-emergency meals are devoid of stressful conversations and environments. Also, a Diabetic Alert Dog can frequently alert 20-40 minutes before a dramatic change in blood sugar happens giving you time to respond to an alert rather than react to an emergency low.
Value of a Diabetic Alert Dog

The Value of a Diabetic Alert Dog

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  diabetes care Diabetic Alert Dog Service Dog service dog for diabetes

If dogs are considered “man’s best friend,” then what would you say a Diabetic Alert Dog is? “Man’s BFF?” These service dogs for Diabetics provide the companionship, devotion, and unconditional love of an untrained dog and add on the abilities to be a caregiver for those with diabetes. With this additional role comes freedom, security, therapy, stress relief, and peace of mind. This added value far surpasses the cost of a diabetic alert dog.

Diabetic Alert Dogs Bring Joy Back Into Normal Life

For Diabetics, each day brings another challenge and struggle. Enjoying life to it’s fullest is not taken for granted for those with this invisible illness. Monitoring blood sugar levels is a constant reminder of how restraining life can be. But with Diabetic Alert Dogs, freedom can be achieved for both Diabetics as well as their caregivers. Service dogs are trained to provide care in social settings which allows for a normal lifestyle once again.

Service Dogs for Diabetics are Always There for You

Most individuals with diabetes are able to keep a close eye on their levels throughout the day. But what happens if levels fall out of range while asleep? Service dogs for Diabetics are trained to alert those afflicted with this invisible illness, even in the middle of the night. Alert dogs are able to give you a good night’s rest by knowing that you will be alerted to sharp highs and lows, bringing food and medication, activating third party support and even calling 911 for help in an emergency.

Value vs Cost of a Diabetic Alert Dog

Diabetic Alert Dogs offer compelling abilities and traits to those with diabetes. Which begs the question, is it worth the cost? Before that question can be answered however, there are a few things to consider. At SDWR, we award grants to winners who complete specific applications. To find when submissions are open, periodically visit our Facebook page. Another great way to make service dogs more affordable is through fundraising. This option brings you closer to your community, keeps you active and gives a sense of satisfaction through raising diabetes awareness. A simple search online can provide ideas for creative fundraisers. Lastly, coming up with a budget will help plan and prepare for the total cost. SDWR also offers payment plans to those who are interested in investing in a service dog.

It’s not easy to put a price on freedom, joy, protection, companionship, and safety. But with everything that goes into making our service dogs so great, you will see the obvious value that Diabetic Alert Dogs have on your life. If you would like to learn more about how you can have your own service dog, contact SDWR today.

Service Dogs are a Diabetic’s Best Friend

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  diabetes care Diabetic Alert Dog service dog for diabetes

Daily life can be emotionally and physically complicated for those with diabetes. And not everyone has a support system of family and friends that they can count on to help care for them. But at SDWR, we’ve witnessed numerous instances where assistance dogs provide exceptional support in helping their handler with persistent and dedicated care. Service dogs are always there when you need them and this loyalty and compassion creates a strong bonding friendship.

Diabetic Alert Dogs Watch Your Back

It’s difficult to relax and enjoy life for individuals and families affected by diabetes. Constant monitoring blood sugar levels can be taxing, and the constant stress feels like it will never end. But with a Diabetic Alert Dog, you can rest assured knowing that you will be diligently monitored and alerted of your blood sugar levels. Your daily life doesn’t have to be affected by stress. With an intelligent and highly trained service dog, you can finally shed your stress.

Service Dogs for Diabetics Work Hard and Play Hard

Service dogs for Diabetics provide endless support, day in and day out. They will even alert you of dangerous blood sugar levels in the middle of the night. We have given these hard working dogs thorough training on how to be the best Diabetic alert dog. The are capable giving you peace through early alerts for sharp highs and lows, access third party support, retrieve pertinent food and diabetes medication and even can Dial 911 in an emergency.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, service dogs for diabetics bring an overwhelming amount of joy and laughter with their companionship. They like to let loose and play as this Diabetic can attest to.

“But at home she is just my friend. When the vest comes off, she’s crazy. She loves to run around and play. She has a good, normal dog life. She sleeps on my pillow at night. We definitely have developed a very close relationship.”

Receiving Diabetes Care From a True Friend

Understanding the daily struggles and significance of an invisible illness like diabetes can be difficult for some. Others may not be able to relate or understand how to give diabetes care. But a Diabetic alert dog will always be there for you. A compassionate and loving service dog at the end of the day is priceless for any Diabetic and their family. Through their love, affection and the safety they provide, you will always find solace in your service dog. Your Diabetic alert dog will always be your best friend.

Are you or a loved one seeking a service dog? Contact SDWR, one of the best service dog providers.

Making A Life-Changing Decision: An SDWR Review

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  Diabetic Alert Dog testimonials

Deciding to invest in a Diabetic Alert Dog is a big decision for those living with diabetes and their loved ones. The costs, care, and process are all factors to consider when thinking about adding a service dog to your household. For those that are on the fence, we want you to know how much value our service dogs for Diabetics can add to the lives of those living with and caring for diabetes. Read on to find an SDWR review about a Diabetic who once lived with diabetes interfering with her life. With her service dog by her side, she found support to live a more structured life.

I have owned Charlie, my service dog from Service Dog’s by Warren Retrievers, for a year, and a half. Before receiving Charlie, I was literally living every single day in fear for my life, due to complications of my Type 1 diabetes. I have been unable to feel the symptoms of my low blood sugars for over 3 years now, and had serious daily lows, prior to Charlie. This caused a lot of stress, and fear for myself, and my family. Many 911 calls were made to keep me alive. I knew I needed to make a major decision to change what was happening to me, or I would not live a much longer life. I did a lot of research before choosing an organization, as my life depended on it. SDWR, was the only organization I knew would be able to help me. They not only delivered my dog to me, but they would train for 2 years after I received him, by coming to me. They were the only organization that called back immediately after each call I made to them. They were the only organization that didn’t have a two plus year waiting list. So, I made the decision to go with them, and it was the best decision I ever made.

Since I have received Charlie, he started alerting me from day one. I have not had one single episode of coming close to dialing 911. He has aggressively alerted me to my sugars, well in advance, so I don’t have to worry about an emergency. He has given me my life back! He has given my family peace of mind, knowing I am in safe paws. Owner Dan Warren has remained the same, as the very first day I called to research his organization. He has always contacted me immediately, when I have contacted him. Cheri, and all of the trainers have been exceptional, and have helped me make Charlie the amazing service dog, and companion that he is today. I wouldn’t trade my decision for anything! All of this has happened because SDWR is a reliable, and trustworthy organization, who stands by what they have promised to me, and all other owners of their dogs!Thank you for taking the time to read this.

It’s stories like these that inspire us to deliver miracles to those with invisible illnesses worldwide. The impact of our service dogs for Diabetics is priceless. If you are interested in learning more about SDWR service dogs, please contact SDWR today. Looking for more SDWR testimonials? Head on over to our SDWR testimonials page for more insights from our clients.


When Diabetes Becomes Too Much to Handle

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  diabetes care Diabetic Alert Dog

The daily cares of diabetes can be tiring for any diabetes care taker. From constant monitoring for highs and lows, counting carbohydrates, and worrying about your loved one, diabetes can become too much to handle. At SDWR, we identify with those caring for their loved one with invisible illness. We have seen our service dogs act as miracles in the lives of those with and caring for Diabetes. Read to learn how service dogs for diabetes play a role when diabetes become too much to handle.

Dogs for People with Diabetes Add a Layer of Protection

Safety is most likely your first concern as a diabetes care taker. Highs and lows in blood sugar are detrimental to your loved one’s health. Even though you can constantly monitor for highs and lows, there is still a chance a high or low might slip through. Type 1 diabetes alert dogs are here for this very reason. They are trained to sense high and low blood sugars much longer before they occur, and alert for these changes in blood sugar. They are also capable of retrieving third party support and food and medication. With SDWR service dog training, our Diabetic Alert Dogs add the protection that those caring for diabetes seek.

Service Dogs for Diabetes Change Lives

There is more to the benefits that service dogs for people with diabetes provide. Yes, they offer protection, and with this protection comes a peace of mind. Knowing that there is another caring individual by your loved one’s side makes diabetes care that much easier. Not only do service dogs play a crucial role in the safety of your Diabetic loved one, they play a crucial role in giving you help within diabetes care.

Finding Independence for You and Your Loved One

You don’t want to live with diabetes care forever, and you want your Diabetic loved one to lead a normal life free from constant care and monitoring. When looking for options to find that independence, type 1 diabetes alert dogs are the best option. From their caring nature to their rigorous training, they are the perfect companion to keep your loved one safe and allow them to lead a fuller, more independent life.

Find a Service Dog for Diabetes Today

At SDWR, our mission is to provide service dogs for those with invisible illness, while offsetting the actual cost of a service dog. If you or a loved one are interested in a type 1 diabetes alert dog, please contact SDWR today.


Become a Puppy Raiser!

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