Many Diabetic Alert Dog clients choose to offset the cost of purchasing and training their dog by undertaking fundraising activities.

Where To Start Fundraising?

Warren Retrievers is happy to work with each of our clients to achieve their own fundraising goals. We recommend that as a first point of contact that you reach out to community organizations, youth groups or Ruritan clubs in your area that have a strong philanthropic reputation. Churches, synagogues, and schools can also be a great resource. In addition to supporting you financially, you may find these groups have outreach programs that will allow you to share your story along with information about Diabetic Alert Dogs and the tremendous hope they offer to families who are struggling with a Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis.

Get Social 

Social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter can help you connect with friends and family and others who may be interested in your story. Fundrazr is a Facebook page that offers unique fundraising ideas and helps your story reach a broader audience. Social media has a global reach and allows you to reach individuals and groups that you might not normally consider.

Use Your Community

Explore local organizations that may support private fundraising programs by offering percentage donations on food sales, in-store fundraising activities, coupon sales incentives, product sales programs and more. Many times a quick call to the local company can put you in touch with just the right people to get started. Some companies, shops, local artists or business owners will provide goods or services to be used in a raffle.

Tax Benefits

Additionally, our nonprofit corporation, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, will work with you to support your fundraising efforts by providing a way for your contributors to make their donations tax deductible.  For additional information, please 540-543-2307 or fill out the form under the Contact Us Tab above.

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