Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers Review

Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers Review

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A Letter From A Diabetic Alert Dog Family: Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers Review

Emily was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2008. I knew that service dogs were available for this “invisible disease” and I began looking for reputable service dog organizations. In 2011 we contracted with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers to begin the process of obtaining our service dog. Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, a non-profit organization based out of Madison, Virginia, has been breeding, training, and providing service dogs for over seven years—placing almost 500 dogs throughout the United States. They provide a 100% guarantee on the health and abilities of all their service dogs. Before placing a dog with us, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers worked carefully to match the perfect breed, temperament and ability to our individual needs. And, unlike many service animal organizations, Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers continues to visit with families like ours months after placement in order to tailor its training to my daughter’s unique personal and environmental needs.
Very importantly, they also helped to provide vital guidance to aid us in our fundraising efforts.
In 2012, we received our Type 1 Diabetic Alert Dog, Skittles. And what an amazing and life saving care giver Skittles has become to my daughter!
There are so many instances I could talk about in how Skittles has saved my daughter, Emily. From the time we were at Myrtle Beach and she was in the water and he alerted so I pulled her out to find out she was going to be having a terrible low. He warned us ahead of time so she didn’t have to feel that terrible crash. Or the many times she is down the street at her friend’s house and he alerts so I text the friend’s Mom to have Emily test her blood glucose level and again he helps her avoid the terrible low and feelings that go along with it. The multiple car trips going down the highway when Skittles alerts with a gentle nose to my shoulder letting me know that “his girl’s” blood glucose is off and needs some attention. The list is endless of the times he has been that quiet, ever present, but persistent source that I lean on everyday to help me and Emily fight the beast called Diabetes.
For any family considering a service dog, Emily and I encourage you to visit the Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers website,, or visit the SDWR Facebook page and read the hundreds of posts from families who own these life-saving dogs. There are many success stories out there and I urge you to continue exploring the life saving—and life changing—blessing a service dog can be in your mission to improve the life of a loved one with an invisible disease such as Type 1 diabetes, autism or PTSD. Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers has a mission and it is, “Until there is a cure, there is a dog!” Skittles is not only a beloved member of our family, he is a true hero, and a service dog success story.

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