Making A Life-Changing Decision: An SDWR Review

Making A Life-Changing Decision: An SDWR Review

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Diabetic Alert Dog testimonials

Deciding to invest in a Diabetic Alert Dog is a big decision for those living with diabetes and their loved ones. The costs, care, and process are all factors to consider when thinking about adding a service dog to your household. For those that are on the fence, we want you to know how much value our service dogs for Diabetics can add to the lives of those living with and caring for diabetes. Read on to find an SDWR review about a Diabetic who once lived with diabetes interfering with her life. With her service dog by her side, she found support to live a more structured life.

I have owned Charlie, my service dog from Service Dog’s by Warren Retrievers, for a year, and a half. Before receiving Charlie, I was literally living every single day in fear for my life, due to complications of my Type 1 diabetes. I have been unable to feel the symptoms of my low blood sugars for over 3 years now, and had serious daily lows, prior to Charlie. This caused a lot of stress, and fear for myself, and my family. Many 911 calls were made to keep me alive. I knew I needed to make a major decision to change what was happening to me, or I would not live a much longer life. I did a lot of research before choosing an organization, as my life depended on it. SDWR, was the only organization I knew would be able to help me. They not only delivered my dog to me, but they would train for 2 years after I received him, by coming to me. They were the only organization that called back immediately after each call I made to them. They were the only organization that didn’t have a two plus year waiting list. So, I made the decision to go with them, and it was the best decision I ever made.

Since I have received Charlie, he started alerting me from day one. I have not had one single episode of coming close to dialing 911. He has aggressively alerted me to my sugars, well in advance, so I don’t have to worry about an emergency. He has given me my life back! He has given my family peace of mind, knowing I am in safe paws. Owner Dan Warren has remained the same, as the very first day I called to research his organization. He has always contacted me immediately, when I have contacted him. Cheri, and all of the trainers have been exceptional, and have helped me make Charlie the amazing service dog, and companion that he is today. I wouldn’t trade my decision for anything! All of this has happened because SDWR is a reliable, and trustworthy organization, who stands by what they have promised to me, and all other owners of their dogs!Thank you for taking the time to read this.

It’s stories like these that inspire us to deliver miracles to those with invisible illnesses worldwide. The impact of our service dogs for Diabetics is priceless. If you are interested in learning more about SDWR service dogs, please contact SDWR today. Looking for more SDWR testimonials? Head on over to our SDWR testimonials page for more insights from our clients.



Monty Mills

September 1, 2015 at 11:45 am

I was extremely glad to read this short write up about Charlie – Diabetes Service Dog. I have been on the Warren Client list for 8 to 10 weeks now and am starting to put together a pretty good list of donations from friends interested in helping me with this project. My 35 years with Type 1 Diabetes have been quite a ride. I have had so many brushes with death due to low sugar that I cant count them all. I truly feel that my luck surviving low sugars has truly run out. I don’t have the luxury of “just giving it a try” – I am depending on this for my life, nothing more and nothing less. I have read so many negative posts that I have just thrown up my hands and turned this over to God. He has guided me through 35 years of this disease every second of every day and will guide me through this chapter. I am confident. I am ready to put the work into this program that is necessary to make it work – nothing is free. I have hitched my wagon to Dan Warren’s tractor – Godspeed!!!


Michelle H.

September 14, 2015 at 2:45 pm

That is awesome! You can do it! Welcome to the family!


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