The Emotional Benefits of Owning a Juvenile Diabetes Dog

The Emotional Benefits of Owning a Juvenile Diabetes Dog

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Diabetic Alert Dog

SDWR’s Diabetic Alert Dogs for children serve more than their purpose. Because we’ve changed so many lives with the help of our amazing service dogs, we want to share with you what else there is for you to gain. Read on the learn about the emotional benefits of owning a juvenile diabetes dog.

A Security Blanket for You & Your Loved One

Diabetic Alert Dogs for children ease not just the physical, but also the mental burden of diabetes. As service dog providers, we know about the stress, lack of sleep, fear and other hardships that affect the parents of a diabetic child.

You, your child and the rest of your family can gain a peace of mind knowing that the security of your service dog will always be there. When sleeping, in public, or away from home, you and your child will know that he or she is in good hands. Learn about how Jasper, a Diabetic Assistance Dog, provides security for his family:

“We have Diabetes tools…her meter, her pump but by far Jasper is the #1 tool in the box!!!! It’s time to hit our knees & thank God for this amazing dog, hug this dog tight & a huge shout out to Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers!” Read more here.

Juvenile Diabetes Dogs Spread Love for the Whole Family

When you bring home a service dog, you’re not just helping your diabetic child, you’re adding a gift to the whole family, and everyone benefits. Yes, a Diabetic Assistance Dog will enhance the life of your child in practical ways. What you don’t realize is that your service dog becomes another part of your family. With the love, affection and security that they provide, you can’t help but feel more love and happiness in your life.

Freedom By Way of Companionship

Independence can be a struggle for those with diabetes. As your child grows older, you might wonder how and when they might gain independence from you. The freedom that Diabetic Assistance Dogs provide not only free your child, they free you. By having a juvenile diabetes dog as a companion, your and your child will find independence from diabetes. Learn about how Allyson contributes her independence to her service dog, Lennon:

“For me going away to college was always something that I wanted to do, but was very scary for me because of my diabetes. Now that I have my D.A.D. Lennon, I am no longer so afraid to go to sleep at night wondering if I will wake up in the morning. I have only had Lennon for 3 weeks, and she has already saved my life 2 times…probably more.” Read more here.

If you are looking for a Diabetic Alert Dog for your loved one, please contact us for more information.

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