5 Signs You Should Invest In a Diabetic Alert Dog for Your Child

5 Signs You Should Invest In a Diabetic Alert Dog for Your Child

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Diabetic Alert Dog

Over the past few years, family and friends of diabetics have come to SDWR with their concerns, worries and future hopes for their loved ones with diabetes. As compassionate service dog providers, we’ve listened closely to understand these concerns and needs for diabetes care providers.

The following scenarios are common amongst caregivers of diabetic children. If you can easily identify with even one of the issues on the following list, please consider investing in one of  SDWR’s Diabetic Alert Dogs.

1. You long for your child to find his or her sense of independence.

As we know, every parent wants to see their children thrive in their environment. Unfortunately, diabetes can impede on a child’s potential to learn and grow. With a Diabetic Alert Dog, you child can carry on usual daily activities with out having to constantly monitor blood sugar levels.

2. Your sleepless nights are getting the best of you.

You lie awake waiting for the moment your child’s blood sugar will hit a low. You lie awake in case you need to run to your child’s room to give him or her an insulin shot. You lie awake wondering if these episodes will run your and your child’s life.

Fortunately, service dogs for diabetes provide caregivers with a sense of relief. SDWR service dogs are fully trained to detect changes in blood sugar any time of the day or night.

3. Fear has become a normal feeling.

“Will he be ok at basketball practice? What if she forgets to take her insulin?” When you find yourself worrying about how diabetes can affect your child in every scenario, it’s time to lessen the burden with a Diabetic Alert Dog.

4. You need some ‘me time’ but can’t find a reliable resource to monitor your child’s diabetes.

No matter how much you love your child, it’s a common feeling for any caretaker to feel burnt out from constantly attending to another’s needs. Though you crave a moment of rest and relaxation, your diabetic child always needs your care.

You can trust our service dogs for diabetes to be 100% responsive to changes in blood sugar, so you can find yourself a mental break from diabetes care.

5. You worry about the future prosperity of your child.

“Will he or she be able to lead a normal life, with out assistance for diabetes care? Can he or she constantly manage blood sugar highs and lows? What will happen when I’m not there?” These questions cross every caretaker’s mind. Read about how Abby’s mom helped her find  independence through Draco, her amazing service dog:

“…I couldn’t let Abby not live her life! I wasn’t going to let this disease take anything else from her. That’s when I called Dan, so glad did!” Read more about Abby’s story here.

As we mentioned, you are not alone from the stress, anxiety and burnout from being a full-time caretaker and parent of a child with diabetes. Households throughout the country find themselves in the same position. SDWR has been there to increase the quality of life for thousands of families, parents, and children all affected by diabetes.

If you feel any of these concerns are running your life, look into getting a service dog for diabetes from SDWR. It’s a decision you and your child won’t regret.

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